How to restore iPhone icons?

Recover deleted apps icons on iOS

Recover deleted apps icons on iOS

A few years ago, when operators subsidized the terminals, both high-end and low-end, in order to capture a greater number of customers, users faced the problem of the operator's native applications, applications that could never be uninstalled, to uninstall a simple way, since They required a lot of knowledge.

Fortunately, in Spain and many other countries, the problem of bloatware has not been found on the iPhone, at least by third parties, since Apple offers us a series of applications that many of us never use and that always end up in the folder Discarded, useless and as well as we want to call them. Sometimes from that folder they disappear like some applications that we have not just found anywhere. If this is your case, then we show you how to recover icons and apps from the system that have been deleted or have disappeared.

This simple tutorial can take us out of a hurry if we change the icons of the iPhone applications and do not know how to replace the originals.

The way forward is very easy:

How to recover a deleted iPhone icon

Recover deleted iPhone icon

Depending on the version of iOS available on your terminal, the menu options are likely to be different from those shown in this image

If our device has started to stop showing the image of some of the system icons, or we want to eliminate all the customizations that we have made in our terminal using jailbreak, we can use the application with which we have done it, always and when he offers us the option to reverse the changes.

If it is not, thanks to the large number of options that iOS puts at our disposal, we can restore through the system the icon of all the applications that we have installed on our iPhone or iPad. To retrieve an application icon We must perform the following steps:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Within Settings, click on general.
  • Then we press general we headed up Restore.
  • Of the different options offered by this menu, we must click on Reset Start Screen.

To complete the process, the device will restart in order to make the changes. Once the device reboot is finished, the icons that were previously blank or not directly displayed, will be available again with the usual icon.

In this menu you also have some more iPhone restoration options that are not bad to know that they exist.

How to recover deleted apps on iOS

Recover deleted apps icon on iPhone

With the release of iOS 12, Apple added a new feature that allows us to eliminate all those native applications that we do not plan to use, either because they have no purpose for us or because we want to use an alternative with more functions.

Although it is normal and more common to group useless system applications in a folder, in case we may need them at some time, it is likely that if the space of your device is always low, you have decided delete it from your device, thanks to this function that Apple introduced.

When we proceed to delete a native application, it really is it is not completely deleted from the device, but it is hidden from the user's view and reduces its size to just and necessary. The reason is that all native iOS applications, to a greater or lesser extent, are integrated with different elements of the system, so eliminating an application can disrupt its stability.

If we want to reuse any of the native applications that we have previously deleted, we just have to go to the Apple app store and look for the name of the application. Although it seems simple, it is likely that some users do not see it so clear, so we will explain it with a practical example, deleting the Calculator application.

Recover applications / icons from deleted applications on iPhone

  • Once we have deleted the application, we open the App Store and go to the search field
  • In the search field, we type the name of the application we want to restore. We must know, yes or yes, the specific name of the application We want to reinstall.
  • The first result that always appears according to the search criteria, in this case Calculator, nwill show you native application that we had deleted.

How are we sure that is? Very simple, because instead of indicating Obtain, the icon of a cloud is shown down, which represents that we have previously acquired or downloaded the application on this or other devices. To download it again, we just have to click on the cloud icon with the down arrow.

Also for if we are not sure, click on the application to check if the developer of the application is Apple itself. The name of the creator of the application is shown just below the name of the application, which in this case is Apple.

If our terminal has jailbreak

Recover deleted apps icons on iOS

Recover deleted apps icons on iOS

Although the jailbreak has come down in the last three years, because Apple has copied most of the features that were available Through this method of releasing the iPhone, many users continue to use it, to enjoy some functions that are not yet available and also have little appearance of being in the future.

One of the tweaks that many users use and one of the main reasons to continue jailbreaking, we find it in being able to modify the icons of the system applications, in addition to others that we have been able to install. If you are between this type of users and an icon has disappeared, it is blank or directly disappeared, then we show you How to restore iPhone icons.

The jailbreak is an intrusive process, since allows access to the root of the system, hence this type of modification can be made, which can sometimes cause our device to begin to show malfunction.

This malfunction is sometimes more evident when we install a tweak that not compatible with iOS and Cydia version that we have installed, so you have to be very careful when installing any application of this type, since it can take to the jailbreak of our device.

This tutorial may be simple but it does not help to know more about some iPhone options.

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