The Apple Store app is updated with news from Today at Apple

today at apple

Among the many Apple apps for the iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch, one of the ones I like the most is the Apple Store app, where we can manage all our Apple purchases and many other things.

Now, has been updated to offer us information about the Today at Apple sessions, which we will see in a new tab of the app called “Sessions”.

It is version 5.3 of the Apple Store app that brings these news focused on the sessions of Today at Apple. Upon entering the app, we can go to the "Sessions" tab (Remember to have activated and allowed the location for the app) and find the different events that we have nearby and sign up for them.

In my case, Madrid, I have about four Apple Store where there are sessions of Today at Apple every day They will help us get the most out of our Apple devices with a lot of different themes.

From that same tab, we can click on “See all sessions” and sign up from the same app to the session that interests us most. They are all free and, if we want to look for one in particular, we can use the “Filter” menu to focus on Photography, Music, Video, etc. or by type of session (Studies, techniques or routes).

In the "Sessions" tab we can also find the most outstanding sessions in a menu similar to “Today” of the App Store.

The new version also allows now initiate a return, print the labels and check their status from the menu of our account.

Further, Now we can also check the invoices and change our shipping address or cancel it without problems.

Apple Store is an app that does not come installed by default on the iPhone or iPad, but, without a doubt, it is a very interesting, simple and useful app.

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