Google 'forgot' to warn that Nest devices include microphones

Google has just confirmed that some of its products under the Nest brand include microphones, but forgot to comment on their press releases, web or general information.

In early February Google announced that Nest Secure will be compatible with Google's assistant. This is the Nest home alarm that is available for now in the United States. The problem is that at no time was it announced to its customers that it had microphones.

Specifically, the microphones are in Nest Guard, the hub that includes a numeric keypad with motion sensor to activate or deactivate the alarm.

«It should never have been a secret»

According to Google, it was never commented that Nest Guard included microphones was an error and that at no time the company tried to hide it. The problem is that Nest customers relied on the company to secure their home and now, without knowing it, it turns out that they had microphones that knew nothing.

Google again apologizes for this error, but it is clear that the design of this product already intends to integrate functions with which to use the microphone.

For example, Google comments on the possibility of detect the sound of breaking glass, interpreting it as a broken window through which they enter to steal.

The clearest example is that this product is already compatible with the Google Assistant, so be clear that the microphone will help.

Google's mistake was not to indicate in its launch that it will be compatible with Google Assistant, therefore, implying that there is a microphone to wake up the assistant.

+ Info | CSO, Business Insider

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