How to select text on iPad

There are many users who they cry out for the possibility of using a mouse on the iPad, and consider it something absolutely essential to be able to consider the iPad Pro as a real substitute for a laptop. However, that is hardly going to happen, because if one thing is clear Apple (at least for now) is that the iPad is a device intended for use with your fingers.

The combination of your fingers, the Apple Pencil and a keyboard are all you need to get the most out of the iPad, but you need to know all the tools it lends us. Today we explain one of the most important when we talk about productivity: select text. Whether with gestures of our fingers, with the Apple Pencil or with the keyboard, we show you how you can do it quickly and save a lot of time.

With the fingers

In any text editor you can move the cursor across the screen by sliding two fingers on it, as if it were a trackpad. It is a very simple way to place the cursor where you want to continue typing or select a word. To select it you only have to touch once with two fingers once the cursor is on it, if you play twice with two fingers you will select the entire phrase (up to the first point) and if you play three times with two fingers you will select the entire paragraph.

You can also select a word by pressing twice with a finger on it. In any case, you have selected the word as you have preferred to do, Once the blue block is on the screen, you can expand or decrease the selection by making the “trackpad” gesture, that is, sliding two fingers across the screen. With this movement you can even scroll if you reach the upper or lower limit of it.

With the Apple Pencil

If we need more precision we can use the Apple Pencil. With it we can place the cursor where we want, but if we double-tap on a word we will select it, and done this we can use the selection bars to enlarge or reduce it.

With the keyboard

As if it were a conventional computer, we can use the Smart Keyboard (only on the iPad Pro), and using key combinations we will select text:

  • Shift + cursor: to select text. The cursor will determine the direction of the selection.
  • Shift + cmd + cursor: we will select the complete line (by pressing right), from the cursor to the end of the document (cursor down) or beginning of the document (courses above).
  • Shift + alt + cursor: word-by-word selection (right or left) or full paragraph (above and below).

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