Your benefits and the role of the marketer |

In a context of permanent energy savings, more and more organizations are choosing to enter the energy-free market, due to the multiple economic advantages offered by this variant, and that the legislation in force in our country allows.

Among its most outstanding benefits is the possibility of choosing between the different energy suppliers and not only relying on one as in the regulated market, in addition to planning demand and thereby negotiating better the future cost of energy.

Juan Francisco Friedl, Commercial Manager of SAFIRA Energa Chile, affirms that in the midst of this context, a more flexible regulatory framework becomes necessary, allowing the entry of new agents into the sector and facilitating the free choice of supplier to more and more consumers.

To advance in this sense, the birth of the energy traders becomes key, a process in which the distribution companies gradually cede their role as an electricity supplier to the marketers, focusing solely on their distribution activities. In addition, the role of the specialized marketer guarantees the client to obtain the best rates and conditions among all available offers of conventional and unconventional generation.

In countries like Spain, this not only caused a reduction in the price of energy, but also led energy companies to more innovative processes. While distributors are investing and advancing in the development of smart grids, marketers are increasing the offer of value-added products for their customers.

Additionally, adds Friedl, If the free market grows and develops in a safe and orderly manner, help eliminate all distortions that may occur in a regulated environment, bringing greater investment, competition and minimizing the establishment of vertical monopolies.

If we make progress in this direction, we will see in the future radical changes in the services provided by the electricity sector and also its own operation, improving efficiency and quality of supply to all its customers.