FRMULA E: A divided city |

There is only 1 day left for the great event of Frmula E and Chileans have different visions about it. There are those who prepare with great expectation to witness the historical moment that Chile lives and there are others who strongly oppose the world electric car race.

For the first time, the streets of the heart of Santiago will be filled with speed, in the purest style of Paris, New York and Morocco. Chile is the host of one of the dates of this global circuit of non-polluting cars, which definitely marks a before and after in the history of Chilean sports. For the same reason, the question may be asked: how will an event of such international importance as important and medically important not make Chileans proud?

An urban circuit of almost 2.5 kms. which has been run in the most important countries in the world, only benefits the country, especially tourism, but also environmental awareness.

In Chile there are only 132 electric cars, according to the figures of the National Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC), so events such as this enhance and promote the use of clean fuels, which results in a direct environmental awareness. Moreover, Formula E is an official championship of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which aims at the development of ecological motor racing and its own founder, Alejandro Agag, has described it as a silent revolution.

But that is not the only thing. We have witnessed the great boom that tourism in Chile has experienced and the acknowledgments on the tourism level, in addition to the opportunity to host multiple meetings, have further exposed our country to the international view. For this reason, this event follows the same logic: on February 3 the most characteristic places in the heart of our capital will be exposed in front of the eyes of the whole world.

A great moment to remain in history, also involves some sacrifices. While clearly being an activity that generates some modifications in the city routes and inconvenience to the neighbors, it is also a powerful magnet for tourists and investment in the country, so the call is to draw, but above all to show culture and good education for a respectful citizen living.

Guest Columnist:Eduardo Yoshimoto, General Manager Hotel Courtyard Santiago Las Condes.

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