Female talent cannot remain hidden |

Recently, Hidden Talents are released in Chile, a biographical film that tells the story of African-American space scientist Katherine Johnson, who calculated the flight paths of the Mercury project and the Apollo 11 expedition to the Moon in 1969, helping NASA in the space race that broke out in the sixties.

This woman was not only an inspiring example for gender, but also for humanity, since she set a precedent for what the world will be today. In Chile, according to data from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), 15.8% of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies are women, while at the ministerial level the figure reaches 23%. While these numbers were unthinkable a few decades ago – before the return to democracy in 1990 women in ministries represented only 4% – there are still pending tasks. Without going any further, Chile is one of the Latin American countries with fewer women in Parliament, despite being in one of the regions with the greatest representation. The criticism is hard, but the data is overwhelming.

And the business environment the situation is equally bleak. The personal motivation, ambition and creativity of women in the world of work is indisputable, and we should not continue to underestimate these variables when hiring, since they can generate instances of growth for business and unbeatable opportunities for companies to differentiate themselves from your competitors

According to Mercer's second Global Report, when women progress, business progresses, but female representation at Chilean professional and managerial levels reaches only 17%.

Fortunately, change is happening, slowly but steadily. This is demonstrated by the same study, which indicates that today the women of our region have more chances of promotion, and twice as many career options as men.

We began to see more and more mining, mechanics and engineering, leading a struggle to open the genre to new sectors, which some years ago were dominated by men.

Latin America, and Chile in particular, have the challenge of being the engine of this change, reaffirming and fulfilling their commitment to gender equality and equality. The Government must give clear examples and promote policies in this regard, while companies collect the witness, defining and defending proposals that allow them to reach a gender parity by 2020. Only as our talents will no longer be hidden, and we can progress and Get where we set out.

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