HomeKit and other accessories in this week's Koogeek and Dodocool offers

This week we bring you a very complete selection of offers with several HomeKit compatible home automation products that are sure to please you. In addition we also include a wireless quick charger and wireless headphones ideal for sports.

All offers are already available on Amazon and have as Completion date on January 24, with a total of 50 units of each product available at the discounted price, so you should not doubt much or it is more than likely that you will be without them.

Smart double switch

Ideal for large rooms where there are two different lighting zones controlled by two switches, this double switch will allow you to control through the Koogeek application, the Casa application or through Siri on your iPhone, iPad or HomePod the lighting without having to invest a large amount of money to change all the bulbs in the room. Its usual price is € 55.99 and it remains with the code 2CV2YBAL at € 35.99 until January 24 (link)

Smart power strip

It is one of the best products that we can find in the Koogeek HomeKit catalog, since it brings together three plugs in a single device that you can control independently with the Apple and Alexa assistant. It also has three USB ports to recharge your iPhone or iPad without using more than a compatible cable, and it does not lack all the security measures you can ask for a product of this type, including protection against overloads. Its usual price is € 59.99 but with the coupon K3MR98UU it stays at 41.99 on Amazon (link).

Door and window sensor for HomeKit

It is a surprisingly useful device. Although it does not perform any action itself, it does serve to execute actions such as sending a notification every time a door or window is opened, or turning on the lights whenever the entrance door to the house is opened. You can see our full review on this link. Small and discreet, its usual price is € 29.99 and with the code 8HEVSCJ2 it stays at € 19.99 using this link to Amazon.

Alexa smart plug

In this case we are not talking about a HomeKit compatible device but with Amazon Alexa. You can control it through the Koogeek application or if you have an Amazon Echo speaker you can use your voice to turn on and off what is plugged into this device. It is also compatible with Google Assistant. This is a pack of four plugs that are usually priced at € 55.99 but with the code XFZS8G9C they stay at € 43.99 on Amazon (link)

Wireless charger

Dodocool offers us a small wireless charger with a power that varies from 5W to 10W, depending on the device you place on top. A small green LED indicates that our smartphone is charging. It has, as it could not be otherwise, with the relevant system of protection against overloads or overheating, something essential so that our iPhone is not in danger of being damaged. Its price is usually € 15.99 but with the code TPWZM6ED they stay at € 10.99 on Amazon (link)

Bluetooth sports headphones

If you are looking for headphones to practice sports, comfortable and that resist sweat well, this model of Dodocool sure comes as a ring to your finger. Its design is modern, the headphones are magnetically joined when you do not use them, and have an autonomy of 8 hours according to the manufacturer. Its usual price is € 22.99 but with the code 7RJHQIL4 they stay at € 13.99 on Amazon (link)

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