The iPhone 8 may use an Apple induction charging system

One of the novelties that rumors ensure that they will reach the next iPhone model, which is currently known as iPhone 8, iPhone of 2017 or iPhone of the tenth anniversary, is that it can be charged wirelessly, that is, at a distance from the surface or device that generates the energy. At first it was believed that Apple would use Energous technology, but new information makes us think that it will not be so.

Energous CEO Steve Rizzone has long been ensuring that his company has reached an agreement with “one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world,” which, given that Samsung uses its own technology, led many people to To think that company was the one led by Tim Cook, that is, Apple. But a note for Copperfield Research investors explains why those of Cupertino they will not use the wireless charging solution Energous WattUp radio frequency.

New rumor ensures that the iPhone 8 will be charged by induction

Apple Induction Charge Patent

Copperfield Research examined several Apple patents regarding the induction load which began to be filed in 2013. Right now, the number of patents on this technology exceeds a dozen, which seems a symptom that those of Cupertino plan to use their own induction charging system for their future projects.

Patents they don't make clear what Apple plans to implement, but in one of them we can see how Tim Cook and company say that the technology is "very inefficient", "not practical" and dangerous:

In any case, this type of radio transfer is very inefficient because only a small part of the energy supplied or radiated, say, that portion in the direction of, and overlapped with, the receiver is collected. The vast majority of energy radiates out in all other directions and lost freely in space. Such an inefficient transfer of energy may be acceptable for the transmission of data, but it is not practical to transfer useful amounts of electrical energy in order to perform the work, such as charging electrical devices. (…)

In addition, such schemes may pose hazards to objects or people crossing the beam when high or modest amounts of energy are being transmitted.

On the other hand, Copperfield Research also says that Apple partnered with Lite-On Semiconductor to use bridge rectifiers, what is used to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), a necessary component for induction charging and what would not be necessary if Cupertino's decided to rely on an all-in-one module like Energous's.

One of the rumors about the iPhone 8 says that Apple will use a glass case for your next smartphone, which also makes us think that this terminal will be charged by induction: the glass case would not be necessary for wireless charging, but for induction charging.

Wireless charging Induction charging

Many of Apple's induction charging patents speak of improvements made by Cupertino in this field and they give us clues about how a system developed mostly by the company that runs Tim Cook would work. Under these patents, the same charger or charging surface could charge several devices, such as a table with an integrated charging coil, a desktop charging station or even a desktop or laptop computer could be used to provide power to an iPhone or iPad In addition, the devices could share power with each other, which would mean that an iPad could charge an iPhone or vice versa.

The problem with all this and what many of you are sure are thinking is that the induction charging is not the same as wireless charging of which several rumors had spoken. Induction charging forces us to have a device standing on a surface, while wireless charging would allow us to charge a device while we have it at a safe distance from the power transmitter. For this reason, I don't want to believe that what Apple is going to launch next to the iPhone 8 is a 2.0 induction charging system. For years there are devices that use induction charging and, in the absence of seeing what the Cupertino system would provide, the iPhone would be too late to include this function. In any case, we are in January and the iPhone 8, iPhone 2017 or iPhone of the tenth anniversary will be presented, if there are no surprises, in September.

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