According to Mark Gurman, Apple planned to eliminate the Lightning port

We are all clear that Apple will not make a false move as soon as the changes in its iPhone, this makes the changes that are added to the device are really considered and calculated. In this case Mark Gurman, states on the Bloomberg website that The company had plans to eliminate the Lightning port of the last iPhone released on X.

We are sure that it's not a decision that they can take lightly and for that reason finally it was decided not to do it. A higher price, a "more problem" to add to the absence of the 3.5mm jack port and sure thousands of users shown to have accessories that could not be used in the latest model of the company.

Adding a charging base in the device box would increase the final cost to the user, in addition those who still want to use wired headphones or the amount of accessories compatible with this port would be set aside. It is possible that in addition to all this it is added that the user is not prepared to see and use an iPhone without a port, so it is insisted that he would have to carry the standard, the USB C, a port that could never reach the iPhone.

Lightning will end up disappearing

Apple has the habit of eliminating ports, cables and leaving the iPhone as wireless as possible. By that I mean that I see with complete certainty the elimination of this Lightning port in the future, but for now this will have to wait. Gurman says that during the development process of the iPhone X the company thought about removing the port and leaving it free of wires, but another important point in the decision was added and it is the slowest load offered by the Qi bases. Yes, it is true that we have fast charging wireless bases, but it is obviously not the same.

Now we are at that point where choosing whether to add the USB C or may not be crucial for the following iPhone, but as I said earlier it is more than certain that those of Cupertino do not integrate this port in their iPhone Never.

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