Apple expands the Apple Watch return period

The Apple Watch is one of the most grateful products of the Cupertino company, at least it is one of the few where Apple has no competition, and is that The Apple Watch is the best-selling smart watch, just going out on the street leaves us clear faith in it.

Apple is in an important campaign announcing the characteristics of the new Apple Watch Series 4, and therefore has extended the return period to 45 days. This is how you want to give users enough time to think about whether they have made a good purchase or not, I would honestly not be able to return it.

But beware, Two important notes on this issue: The first is that this has really been announced only for the North American territory, although we have no doubt that it will end up being exported to Spain; The second point is to make it clear that these return periods are generally not met at many points of sale, for example The English Court or MediaMarkt does not allow the return of Apple products unless they have some type of manufacturing defect that is covered by the usual guarantee channels, so you should keep an eye on the sales conditions of each supplier.

On the other hand, this expansion of the return period up to 45 days could be due to the Christmas campaign on the one hand, and to the fact that ECG features will not be enabled on Apple Watch until the operating system reaches version 5.1.2 permanently. Good news without a doubt for the users who increasingly have more facilities to acquire this type of products that generate great doubts before their acquisition. Meanwhile, you can always stop by an authorized vendor or an Apple Store to see how it would look on your wrist.

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