How to change the name of the Apple Watch

Cupertino's company sometimes likes to complicate things more simply, we are not going to deceive you, it is part of his mysticism and his way of doing things, and we do not want to complain. In fact, Actualidad iPhone has as a reason to keep you up to date with all these types of configurations, and this could not be less. Although it is something that most people do not know (such as the gesture of erasing on the calculator …), el Apple Watch does not have to keep the name on the phone forever, you can change it to your liking and when it pleases you, today we show you how.

In fact, to be true, even the iPhone has a name that we can easily change from iTunes or from the configuration menu, in the case of the iPhone the route is: Settings> General> Information> Name. And in fact, when working with the Apple Watch, the route is practically the same, and we will do it from the iPhone itself.

How could it be otherwise, The first thing we are going to do is open the Apple Watch App. Once inside, and without scrolling through the menus of the bottom bar, we will do scroll until you find the gear that will open the “General” menu, that is what we must press. Within "General", we will click on the first option of all, the "Information", and once again, in the same first option, that of "Name". We will go to the last of the screens and the keyboard will open so that we give our Apple Watch the name we want.

And that easy, the tour has been: Watch> General> Information> Name, and we can change the name that will appear in the Bluetooth menu of our Apple Watch in the fastest and easiest way. Remember that you can include even Emojis, or this apple “”, which is the coolest one like “Miguel's atchWatch”.

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