Last month to change the iPhone battery at a reduced price

Following the incidents with iOS 11, user complaints and confirmations that Apple decided unilaterally the use of batteries and iPhone performance according to their status, Apple at the beginning of the year offered to change the batteries to users who wanted to, at a reduced price.

This solution was accompanied by iOS 12 and its battery information. Much more detailed and informative than in previous iOS.

The battery change of the iPhone 6 and later, during the month of December 2018 will cost us € 29. But on January 1 it will cost € 49 (€ 69 for the iPhone X).

So, if we have an iPhone with a few years behind it, the next few weeks stop the ideals to renew your battery that, in most cases, we will notice substantially.

We must clarify that This does not include those batteries and battery changes covered by the consumer warranty or Apple Care of our iPhone. In which case, the change will be completely free.

Remember that this also does not include the iPhone XS, XS Max or XR. The replacement in these cases is € 69, but most likely if we have problems with the battery so soon (it takes a few months for sale), the change will be covered by the warranty and would be free.

To know if you can benefit from this, go to Settings of your iPhone and the menu of "Battery and there to" Health of the battery ". The iPhone itself would notify us if you need to change it. Even so, if we have a low maximum capacity percentage (I changed it when it was <90%), we could benefit from a new one for only € 29 (in my case, for free, because I had Apple Care).

You can get an appointment from the Apple Support app or from the battery replacement support website. Personally, I recommend that you make an appointment at an Apple store, if you have that possibility.

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