Logitech Circle 2, a versatile camera like herself

Logitech has brought us a second version of its security camera with a new design and especially with enormous versatility. SIf you want a security camera that you want to use indoors or outdoors or do not have the limitation of needing a nearby plug, this new Circle 2 of Logitech will interest you a lot.

We have been able to test for several weeks the model with integrated battery, which does not need a power cable, and we tell you our impressions in this article, in addition to detail its operation and show you its characteristics on video so that you judge for yourselves.

A design for any place

The Circle 2 camera has a design that you can perfectly place in any location in your home without having to detach it. Inside or outside you will not have the slightest problem, in the kitchen or in the living room, on a bookshelf or in a corridor socket. Being the model without cables, with integrated battery, you will not have the slightest problem when placing it where you want or need. Only a front LED that illuminates when you wake up from rest will stand out from its black front, and the white spherical body is spectacular where you place it.

The camera includes a base to place it on the wall but it is not useful to put it on a surface unless you want to focus it up, because it will not remain stable due to its weight. To place it on a flat surface you must use it without a base, because at the bottom it has a flat area where there is a tripod thread the camera will remain stable. Even so it will always have a certain inclination upwards. It is a detail that is missed: a base that allows to rotate and tilt as we need.

Features and configuration

It is a camera that records at FullHD 1080p resolution and allows live or delayed viewing thanks to Logitech cloud storage. It does not have physical storage, something that is gradually becoming widespread in this type of cameras. Relying on cloud services has many advantages, because we don't have to worry about anything, but reserve many features for paid subscriptions, something that we will detail later.

Resistance to rain, cold, heat and sun allow you to place it outdoors for outdoor use. Its night vision and its wide angle that allows a 180º field of view do not miss anything that happens in front of the camera. It also has a motion sensor and a battery that according to Logitech reaches three months of autonomy, although that will depend on the configuration you set. An integrated microphone and speaker allow communication in both directions.

The camera configuration is done completely from the application that is available for iOS and Android. It is a very simple and fast process, which requires that the camera is connected to the power supply. The camera is designed to always be off and alert, thus saving maximum battery. When a movement is detected in your field of vision, it records a sequence and you are notified of it using your smartphone's app.

You can always enter the application and see what has happened in the last 24 hours (free) or for more days if you choose to pay a monthly or annual fee. You can configure some options such as smart notifications, so that it only alerts you when you are not at home, or the resolution of the video if your internet is not too generous. The notifications work very well and being at home or outside is automatic because the application uses the location of the smartphone to do so. The sensitivity of the motion sensor will be what most influences the consumption but it will also be what determines that it detects any movement or only the most obvious, something important if you are going to use it as a security camera.

Deciding whether to keep the free or paid plan is something very personal and that everyone must decide based on their needs. The free version only gives you access to what was recorded in the last 24 hours, while the Premium option (€ 9.99 per month) It offers you the possibility to see up to 30 days of recordings, intelligent detection of people, configure the area of ​​motion detection and other options that can be very interesting to many. Taking into account the prices of any security system with video surveillance, these € 99.99 per year are even cheap.

A very well designed application but without HomeKit

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Logitech application because after trying several cameras of this style it is without a doubt the one I liked the most. I'm not much of using the iPhone horizontally, and this app forces you to do it, but in return it offers you a very well organized vision and in which you can quickly see everything that happened during the day, even a summary of the events. In the video in this article you can see it in detail.

Logi Circle

Logitech Inc.


But all the advantages of using a camera with a battery are a price, and there is no compatibility with HomeKit. Apple requires that cameras compatible with its demotic service are always on, and therefore this Circle 2 with battery does not enter that group. However, if we buy any of the accessories that make it a camera always connected to the power supply, then it automatically becomes a HomeKit accessory.

Very interesting accessories

Logitech has very interesting accessories available for this Circle 2 camera that increase its versatility. A base that allows to place it in any window and another that allows to connect it directly to a plug will make that camera with battery automatically become a "conventional" camera, and as we said before compatible with HomeKit. You can even buy another extra battery on the Logitech website.

A pity that what we can not do is convert the camera with cable to one with battery and vice versa since there is no possibility to buy the base with cable independently and The battery case is not suitable for the camera without battery. The base for window and plug does work with either of the two models, with or without cable.

Editor's Opinion

The Logitech Circle 2 with battery is one of the most versatile cameras in its category thanks to the possibility of using it outdoors or indoors as well as the different compatible accessories that allow its location in windows or plugs. Giving up HomeKit in exchange for a battery that allows you to place it where you need it most without worrying about a plug can compensate many users, and a really well designed application make it one of the best options available right now in the market. You can find it on Amazon for about € 218, a price higher than other competitive models but lower in performance.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 218


  • Built-in battery that allows wireless use
  • Accessories to place in window or plugs
  • 1080p 180º recording with night vision
  • Motion sensor


  • Without HomeKit if we use it with battery
  • Base to place in little useful plane
  • Premium payment benefits

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