Long lines at WWDC, like when they are going to buy an iPhone

The countdown has already begun. In less than an hour the WWDC 2016, the developer conference in which at least iOS 10 and macOS OS X 10.12 will be presented, although they are also expected to talk about watchOS 3.0 and tvOS 10. It seems that those who are going to witness the event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium they have agreed to go all at the same time, or that is what we can think about the tail that has formed in front of the enclosure about half an hour ago.

As usual before any event, those present in the aforementioned queue or those who have already managed to access the site are sharing everything they are living on social networks. Where the queue that has formed is best appreciated is in the image that heads this post, but then you also have a few tweets that also show how many people have accumulated in front of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

Long lines to enter the WWDC

That there has been such an accumulation of people may be due to different reasons, one of them could be that the developers expect that what they are going to present at today's event will be something important. If the rumors are fulfilled, today we will be presented with a new version of Siri that, in addition to being available also on Macs, will be much more powerful and versatile than the version that is available in iOS 9. As if that were not enough, and also if the rumors are fulfilled, as of today developers will be able to make use of a new Siri SDK that will allow Apple's virtual assistant to access its applications to, for example, directly send a message from Telegram or WhatsApp asking Siri as we already do with iMessage.

On the other hand, and as we have already mentioned, it is expected that they present the new version of all the operating systems of the block, as well as an update of the iOS Music application to make things easier for us, something that seeks to make us feel comfortable Time to use Apple Music. Are you impatient I do, but there are only three quarters of an hour left. Let's go!

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