Retroduck, turn your iPhone into a vintage TV

There are many accessories for Apple equipment. Those who take the palm are the iPhone, for which we can find all kinds of curious accessories. Some more useful than others. And one of the last we've discovered is Retroduck. It is a charging base for the iPhone that looks very peculiar: a TV vintage.

There is a boom with retro equipment; that old air sells and not only in the field of technology, but also in the fashion sector, in the automobile sector, etc. But focusing on this accessory, which has obtained the money to be able to carry it out through the Indiegogo platform, its design leaves no one indifferent.

Retroduck can work in different ways. The first: as a photo frame that you will place in any corner of your house or office and where the images you decide will be reproduced. Secondly: like a small leisure center from which to watch series, movies or YouTube videos (the video of a recipe, for example) and always have it well secured and protected. The third option: like an alarm clock; is to place it on the bedside table and use some of the applications that you can download from the App Store as a desktop alarm (Alarm Clock Bud can be an option). And fourth: how a simple charging base for your Apple phone.

The operation of Retroduck is very simple: when opening the front cover of the invention, we will find that on one of the sides there is a small strip where we will pass the cable lightning for her, with the charging connection focused on the iPhone port. Thus, once you insert the phone inside, the charge will begin instantly. In addition, Retroduck has holes that match the speakers of the iPhone to increase its acoustics and that the sound is heard with a better volume and out the front of the accessory.

Finally, tell you that naturally, there are different sizes of iPhone. That is why two sizes are sold: the standard (4.7 inches) and the plus version (5.5 inches). Therefore, Retroduck is compatible with the following models: iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPhone 8/8 Plus. Its price is 38 dollars (32 euros at the exchange) for the standard version and 42 dollars (35 euros at the change) for the plus version. The first units will be sent next February.

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