This is how Adaptive HomePod audio works

The technology that houses the HomePod in its small size (18cm) is enormous, and everything responds to Apple's intention that the sound it emits is the best that a speaker of this type can generate. To this end, it has added a technology that allows the HomePod to adapt the sound it emits to the room in which it is located. and to the exact place it occupies inside the room.

Adaptive HomePod audio is one of its great assets to impress those who hear it, and it seems that according to the first critics of the lucky ones who have been able to prove it in person Apple has done a great job. We tell you the details of this technology below.

The sound is somewhat complicated to handle, because it depends not only on who emits it but on where it does and who perceives it. The technology that houses a speaker is very important, but on many occasions we forget that the room in which we place it influences a lot, and the place where we place it even more. Walls and other obstacles can make a good product have a sound that detracts from it. Have you ever argued because someone says that television is heard little when you listen to it too loudly? It is not that one is deaf, it is that not everyone who is in the same room perceives the sound the same because it comes to us in a different way.

The HomePod has seven tweeters (tweeters), each with its own amplifier and oriented circularly to cover the 360º- Equally distributed has six microphones that can capture the sound in that same amplitude, and a digital processor of signals (DSP) that together can know the environment in which the speaker is located because the same speaker captures the sound it emits. With all these elements and an A8 processor (the iPhone 6) is how the HomePod manages to adapt its sound to the place where he is.

The first opinions about the sound of the HomePod have already come from the hand of a small group of journalists and experts who have been able to attend tests controlled by Apple, and everyone agrees that the sound of the speaker is really impressive for a product of its size, highlighting above all the good that differentiate the sounds that come from different instruments and the voices of the singers.

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