Travel Stand, a new travel charger for the Moshi Apple Watch

On more than one occasion we have brought you the odd review of the products of Moshi, Because we like to keep you aware of any good quality product that is designed by and for compatibility with our iPhone. In this case it is the turn of the Apple Watch, the perfect wearable companion of our iOS products. The problem with Apple Watch lies in the voluptuous nature of its charging cable and that most of us use docks at home or in the office. But nevertheless, Moshi He has proposed to offer us a quality alternative for those who want to enjoy a portable charger for their Apple Watch, with Travel Stand.

This stand for the Apple Watch is built in a mezcal between premium aluminum and plastic, which It will offer a mixture of robustness and lightness difficult to find in products not considered “premium”. It also has an interior compartment that will allow us to wind the cable of the Apple Watch so that we can adjust it to the desired length, that way not only will the cable not be left over when it is placed, but it will be much easier to store it, since we do not have exterior elements that will deteriorate over time. A fantastic solution so that the Apple Watch charger does not spoil easily.

It also has a hinge that allows us to adjust the desired length on our Apple Watch, either in bedside mode or fully folded to store it without taking up too much space. How could it be otherwise, this Travel Stand is fully compatible with the three current versions of the Apple Watch in its two variants (Original, Series 1 and Series 2), as well as with any strap you have attached to it, in case you have any doubts. Currently it will be offered only in white and silver, although we do not rule out that over time they decide to bring to the market a range of colors similar to that of the smart watch of the Cupertino company.

Soon it will be available in the usual points of sale such as Amazon or the official website, keep up to date with the news.

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