76% of American teenagers use an iPhone

One more year, the iPhone is still the most popular smartphone among American teenagers, according to the latest survey by the investment firm Piper Jaffray, something that should not be missed considering that the price of the iPhone in the United States is subsidized by the operators , like other terminals, but obviously at equal price, American teenagers prefer an iPhone. According to this latest survey, 76% of adolescents surveyed have an iPhone, above 69% that showed us the same survey conducted in spring 2016 and the highest level since the launch of this device to the market.

But as the number of teenagers with an iPhone has increased, the number of teenagers who aspire to have an iPhone as the next terminal has also increased to 81%, 6 points higher than a year ago. According to Piper Jaffray this increase in interest It is due to the next iPhone model, which is expected to include an OLED screen, with a screen with hardly any side edges, a glass finish, a faster processor, new start button integrated into the screen, wireless charging….

Virtually since the launch of the iPhone 7 market we are talking about how it could be the iPhone 8 or tenth anniversary, an iPhone long awaited by all the followers of the company, especially afterwards as the new market trend It aims at reducing the frames, both upper and lower.

But the iPhone is not the only device that attracts the attention of teenagers, since the Apple Watch has also seen the percentage of teenagers who intend to buy it increase, from 6% of the first of last year to 9 % current. In this classification of potential buyers, Fitbit remains the king, although in the last year it has dropped 1%.

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