AirPods, a closer look at the new Apple headphones

AirPods are loaded in their own transport box

The box also has your own battery which can charge the AirPods. Apple says we can leave the headphones in their box for 15 minutes to enjoy 3 hours of music. Not bad, right? On the other hand, once configured and as you can see in the previous image, as soon as we open the lid of the AirPods box, our connected device will detect it and we can start listening to music.

“We believe in a wireless future,” Jony Ive

We believe in a wireless future. A future in which all your devices connect intuitively. This belief led the design of the new wireless AirPods.

The new AirPods are possible thanks to the new W1 chip. According to Jony Ive, it’s the “first of its kind to produce high efficiency intelligence and reproduction, while delivering a consistent and reliable connection“. The W1 also makes it possible for infrared sensors to detect when we put on each AirPod and only start when we have them on, thus achieving a small extra energy saving.

W1 also allows AirPods to be able to recognize which device we are using to stop playing the one to reproduce the other. We cannot deny that this is very good. If you have tried other Bluetooth accessories, you will know that this is usually done manually, which is sometimes anything but comfortable.

Voice accelerometers

AAC sound

Available from October

If you are considering buying the AirPods, you will have to be patient because they will arrive at the end of October. The price was announced, but for the United States. The $ 159 it seems that they will be even more when the conversion is made to Euros and it seems that the person responsible for the price increase this year has a name: Brexit. Nevertheless, will you buy the AirPods?

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