AirPods already available. Delivery in one week

They have certainly taken longer than many would have preferred, but the wait has come to an end: for a few minutes and without any prior announcement, Apple has included its headphones to its website and We can now buy the AirPods from the Apple Store online. At the time of starting to write these lines we can buy some AirPods for the already known price of € 179 and we will receive them next Tuesday, December 20, at least in Spain.

As we advanced yesterday following the comments of John Gruber in his podcast, Apple has not missed such important commercially speaking dates as Christmas and will allow the first lucky ones to enjoy their AirPods days before the holidays begin End of the year Of course, if Gruber is right, It is worthwhile for those interested to hurry to buy the new headphones Wireless or Cupertino could soon see how the delivery time increases from several days to several weeks or months.

Apple manages to launch the AirPods before Christmas

A release date had been delayed several times that initially ensured that we could use these innovative headphones at the end of October. According to the latest rumors, the delay was due to Apple was not able to synchronize the sound of both headphones, something that was probably a software problem. The final version of iOS 10.2 was released yesterday and it is not unreasonable to think that the new version of iOS includes improvements in this regard.

AirPods are wireless headphones, that is, there is no cable that connects them. But what is perhaps more innovative is the box in which they arrive, a case that, in addition to storing them, also serves to charge the headphones. On the other hand, this box also has a smart component which, together with the W1 chip, can make one of the AirPods connect to the linked iPhone as soon as it is taken out of the box.

Have you already bought your AirPods?

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