AirPods will arrive at the Apple Store next week

A few hours ago, the Cupertino-based boys have opened the reservation period of the AirPods, the wireless headphones managed by the W1 chip that Apple presented with the Beats Solo 3 and the BeatsX in the last keynote, in which The new iPhone models and the new Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 models also came to light. The delivery time has gradually increased as the minutes passed in many countries the availability for them exceeds already four weeks, including Spain.

The most fortunate, many of our readers who are subscribed to our Telegram channel, have had the opportunity to buy the AirPods shortly after going on sale, and will begin receiving them from December 20 If you currently want to buy them or do not have very clear if these Apple wireless headphones are for you, you can wait for next week, because according to the company will begin to be available in the Apple Store, so that anyone interested can test if they really supplement their audio needs, or if on the contrary, the AirPods have suicidal tendencies from their ears.

If you're not one of the lucky ones with an Apple Store nearby, next week you can go to one of the authorized Apple resellers in Spain, where the company says they will also be available to test them. What can not be done through the store, is to buy them, since the only way to buy them now is through the official Apple website.

Have you booked your AirPods? or you prefer to go to an Apple Store first to see if these Apple wireless headphones justify their price and if they also suit your needs.

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