An alleged iPhone SE 2 screen protector is filtered with notch and smaller

We have been talking about the launch of the next generation of the iPhone SE, a device that came to the market in 2016 with more than a year the same aesthetic aspect that the iPhone 5 and 5s offered us, but with a completely renovated interior. Rumors about a possible renewal have intensified in recent months.

This second generation would offer us a smaller iPhone, with a design very similar to what we can currently find on the iPhone X, with notch included, at least it is what follows from the screensaver that Sonny Dickson has leaked.

If we do not look at the size of the notch, we can see how the SE model, offers us a smaller size compared to the iPhone X. It is likely that either Apple has reduced the technology necessary for the operation of the Face ID, or that it has dispensed with some of the components that are part of it, something that would not make sense, since Apple's intention is to gradually undo a little bit of the fingerprint sensor giving way to the Face ID to the entire range.

According to Mark Gurman, in the next WWDC held on Monday June 4, the Cupertino-based company It does not plan to present hardware and will focus solely on software developments, a story that contradicts one that he published a few months ago, and in which he claimed that the novelties of iOS and macOS software, could be counted on the fingers of one hand. What is clear is that until the inaugural WWDC conference is held, we will not be able to leave doubts.

If hardware is not presented at this event, Apple is likely to wait for the presentation of the next iPhone models, which are scheduled to be set in September, as every year. In this event, Apple could launch new generations of iPhone with LCD screen which would include a notch that would provide FaceID to all devices.

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