Analysts "predict" the end of the smartphone boom

For several months now, smartphone manufacturers are reporting fewer sales than in previous years. In the case of Apple and the iPhone, 2016 has been the first year in which they have seen how the sales of the apple smartphone did not improve the records of previous years, but this is something that almost all companies are suffering. For this reason it has been funny when I read that Gartner "predicts" that the smartphone boom comes to an end.

According to the latest study by Gartner, the growth of smartphone sales will fall to half of 2015 sales. The reason, according to the company that has conducted this study, is that all those of us who can afford a smartphone already have one. The problem will be even greater for high-end phones, such as the iPhone, because mid-range phones are increasingly competitive. Among the companies that will benefit most from this trend are Huawei and Xiaomi, who sell some devices at almost cost price.

Has the smartphone bubble burst?

Another problem of what it's already happening (and that's why this "analysis of the future" is funny to me) and what Gartner also talks about is that the crisis affects us all. The most sensible thing when the economy does not accompany us is to use a device until it stops working, especially if we have paid € 800-900 for it. That way, why would we have to renew this year an iPhone 6s with 12Mpx camera, 3D Touch and A9 processor?

Gartner also blames manufacturers for what is happening because they say that they don't innovate enough. And, for a couple of examples, the 3D Touch is very good, but it does almost nothing that we can not do on any other smartphone losing a few more seconds, or the curved edges of the Samsung Edge do nothing that they could not include on the edges of a flat screen if you would like.

Gartner also believes that the next most important market is India, something that seems to be clear to Tim Cook and his team, since they have traveled to the Indian country recently.

In any case, that smartphone sales are falling and are going to do it even more are good news. This will force manufacturers to try to get more attention and that is something that is achieved with innovative products or, failing that, lowering the prices of the devices. My question is: what would you prefer: better devices at the same price or smaller updates at a lower price?

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