Another battery burns at the Apple Store in Valencia

The batteries that burn and the Apple Store in Valencia become protagonists again in a short time. A few hours ago we published how a battery seemed responsible for a fire in an Apple Store in Zurich that caused a cloud of smoke and forced its eviction. Well the event is repeated just a few hours later very close to us, in Valencia, according to information from the Ser Chain.

The same store that a few weeks ago was the object of a robbery in which 40 iPhone were carried now it is sadly news again for a new adverse event with a battery. And it will be a coincidence but coinciding with Apple's battery replacement program, and until proven otherwise, the company's batteries are causing unpleasant news.

The event has not been as important as that of Switzerland, since the employees themselves have been those who have been responsible for ending the smoke by throwing sand on the device. We do not know more details but there have been no injuries, which has happened in the Apple Store in Zurich, in which an employee has had injuries as a result of the event. The small fire of the Valencia store has occurred on the first floor, where the workshop is located.

The batteries are still the protagonists in this principle of 2018, with a Apple that is immersed in the controversy of whether to decide for users when it comes to modifying the speed of our devices by having already worn batteries, and that as compensation has initiated a replacement program from iPhone 6 onwards until the end of the year for which you will change a defective battery for only € 29. If more details of this event are revealed we will expand the information.

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