Apple AirPods, some features you may not know

Along with the presentation of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch series 2, Apple also unveiled the new AirPods. These Apple's new wireless headphones come in a small box with a lot of technology inside, they have a small shape and are different from common Bluetooth headphones.

There are some technological innovations that come in the AirPods package. Apple aims to make people switch to wireless headphones Over time and your AirPods are just one step in that direction. You may wonder, what makes these $ 159 dollars AirPods so special then? Here are some features.

New W1 chip

The brain behind the AirPods is the new chip created by Apple, called W1 and is tailored to the company. This chip helps AirPods to maintain a better range than other Bluetooth devices, while at the same time consume less energy. It also helps the AirPods in the delivery of better sound quality.


AirPods come with lots of sensors To automatically detect when you are talking or just listening to music, this way helps preserve battery life and improve functionality.

With the use of optical sensors and motion accelerometers, AirPods are able to detect automatically when they are not being used to stop playing music. Similarly, they are able to detect when only one of the two AirPods is being used and are able to automatically adjust the music and microphone playback accordingly. Microphones with voice accelerometers also help detect when you are talking and background noise is automatically filtered.

Easy use with Siri

AirPods make it extremely easy to activate Siri on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Simply press one of the AirPods twice to activate Siri and then say the task you want to perform such as making calls, playing music, or asking for directions to get somewhere.

Fast charging stand

The AirPods itself with the ability to last Up to 5 hours during music playback and offer 2 hours of talk time. This is very low, especially if you receive a lot of calls. Fortunately, Apple offers to charge the AirPods up to 5 times to provide the 24-hour battery life mode.

However, one does not always have the time to perform full charge of the AirPods. For such cases, AirPods come with the technology of fast charging that allows them to provide 3 hours of duration of the battery with just 15 minutes charge.

Additionally you can check the battery level of the AirPods very easy, just ask Siri: "How is the battery of my AirPods?".

They work with the iPad, MacBook, and the oldest iPhones

The AirPods not only work with the Apple Watch and the iPhone, but also with the MacBook, iPad and previous iPhone. Once the AirPods have been connected to your iPhone, iCloud will automatically sync your Mac or iPad as well. You can then listen to music on them, simply by selecting the AirPods as the audio output device.

As for the older iPhones, the link procedure with the AirPods remains the same as the iPhone 7. While the AirPods work on older devices, some features of Apple's W1 chip would not work, such as a Better battery life and better audio quality.

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