Apple approves another round of five billion bonds

Apple has just announced that it has started offer another round of bonuses to help pay dividends from shareholders and their share buyback program. The last offer will be for a total of five billion dollars.

Bloomberg reports that Apple's last contribution of five billion in bonds will be offered in four parts. A source close to the matter suggested that the 30-year security bond may offer a return on investment that is only slightly above Treasury bonds.

It was indicated that: “The most important part of the sale, a 30-year guarantee, can produce 1.1 percentage points above the Treasury bonds, below what was initially promised – about 1.25 percentage points—, said the source, who asked not to be identified because the agreement is private. ”

In its Q3 earnings report last month, Apple announced a dividend per share of $ 0.63. Hereinafter, the company is approximately 75% thanks to a 300 billion dollar return program that will be completed in March 2019. The now 5 billion debt offer is Apple's seventh bond issue this year.

Bloomberg notes that 94% of Apple's $ 261.5 billion cash reserve is outside the United States. For Apple, this way of doing it is much more profitable. While there have been a lot of rumors about that President Trump will offer a fiscal moratorium to incentivize Apple and other companies to carry cash in the United States, nothing concrete has yet been developed in this regard. However, analysts have already projected what such a program could do for Apple, suggesting a possible 16% growth in profits.

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