Apple is done with 44% of the activations of new devices in the United States

The holiday season is the time of the year when a large number of companies leave the red numbers, especially the technological ones since Electronic devices are always the perfect gift for virtually anyone. This year has not been a good year for Apple in terms of sales of its flagship device, the iPhone, which accounts for more than half of the company's revenue throughout the year. According to Flurry data, this Christmas despite being the company that has obtained more device activations, one more year, which logically represent sales, show us how iPhone sales, continue to fall, worrying because these data refer to States United, the country where Apple has the largest market share.

According to these data, Apple device activations from December 19 to 25, the most important time of Christmas in the US, has dropped from 49.1% to 44% this yearor, which represents a 5% drop compared to the same period last year. For its part, Samsung has obtained 21%, one point more than in the same period last year. The rest of the manufacturers share the rest of the quota among which we find Huawei, LG, Oppo, Amazon, Xiaomi and Motorola, with figures ranging between 3 and 2%.

Flurry also shows us information about user preferences, which still opting for phablets. The percentage of phablets sold during this Christmas has increased by 10%, from 27% last year to 37% this year. Only three years ago, users' preference for devices with screen sizes larger than 5.5 inches represented only 3% of sales. It is clear that the launch of new models of iPhone with larger screen, has managed to accelerate the adoption of this type of mobile with much more generous screen dimensions.

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