Apple Maps receives news in its European version

Today we are going to talk about Apple Maps, a few days after Google Maps put the batteries in a notorious way and launched a Widget that leaves any bit of Apple Maps functionality up to bitumen. And the Cupertino company is still working on developing its maps as well as possible, but as with Apple Music and Spotify, it has a strong and well-established rival that is very difficult to face. To try to remedy the situation, Apple progressively announces new features that give users reasons to use their serviceThe latter is the possibility of easily finding electric vehicle chargers and rental bicycles.

Of course, the Apple Maps include information about these two assumptions that we have discussed. While it is true that users in Spain will have a hard time finding electric vehicle chargers not only in Apple Maps, but in any other type of service. On the other hand, There are many cities in the Spanish territory that offer us the possibility of using the bicycle rental service, quite popular in Madrid for example. In this way we will quickly know where the collection and storage point is closest to our location, and what is the fastest way to get there.

This functionality comes almost half a year later to Europe, for a change, since December 2016 this information is present on the company's maps thanks to its alliance with ChargePoint, company specialized in providing this type of service of charging points for electric vehicles.

Definitely, Cupertino's company continues to work on improving maps, and perhaps this information can be a clear nod to the supposed vehicle they would be planning to launch, right?

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