Apple may be thinking of a wireless charging case for iPhone and AirPods

The wireless charging, or new security systems, such as the facial unlocking of the device, are a latest technological fashion. And if last year everything was focused on the impermeability of the same, something new must be brought to market, and wireless charging seems to be next. As well, Apple has just registered a patent for what could be a charging case for AirPods, iPhone, and Apple Watch … After the jump we give you all the details of this new patent of the Cupertino boys …

Apparently, Apple has registered a device capable of charging several devices at once, a device that would act as a case to protect them. And although they do not speak directly of the iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad, they do refer to Apple devices in their assumptions. A case that would also be waterproof… And it all makes sense if the Cupertino boys launch devices capable of charging wirelessly to the market, in the end a case, or stand, capable of carrying them all It would be the most logical and the most comfortable for all of us. So it would not be surprising if Apple surprises us with a stand or case with which to have all our batteries ready.

Now I can think of the possibility of being a patent for some device for internal use, a storage device that they could do well for example in the Apple Store in order to launch devices that are charged wirelessly. We don't have to wait long… Apple's wireless future seems to be going through September with the presentation of the next iPhone, so while we have to fantasize about all these rumors, we will keep you posted on everything that may appear about this future Apple wireless charging.

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