Apple may invest $ 1,000M in SoftBank Technology

According to the CNBC, Manzana held conversations with a foundation of Softbank Technology which has a market value of 100,000 million dollars. The intention of the company that runs Tim Cook is invest 1 billion dollars in the foundation, which would be 1% of its total value, although the talks have not yet ended. This would be a somewhat strange investment, since it would be the first time Apple had invested in a venture capital fund.

According to President-elect Donald Trump, SoftBank will use half of its value, about 50,000 million dollars, to invest in American business. The reasons why Apple is interested in this foundation are not very well known, but it seems that they do not want to uncheck something that would be very beneficial for the United States at first since, if they did, they could be harmed by Trump's management in the medium term future.

SoftBank Technology is the first venture capital fund in which Apple invests

Apple does tend to invest in other companies, such as Didi Chuxing, where he hopes to learn for future own projects related to the Chinese market or services related to cars, but we can only speculate on what is the real reason why intends to invest in SoftBank Technology. The Wall Street Journal says that of Cupertino could take advantage of the investment to know from within what technologies are emerging, information that I personally think you could use to improve your own products. The bad thing is that I am very wrong or we will never know the whole truth about this investment.

On the other hand, what SoftBank achieves is clearer: to validate the value of the foundation with the backing of the largest company in the world while earning more capital.

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