Apple may launch its own credit card

He has long been speculating about Apple's interest in creating its own payment platform between people, without the intermediation of banks. What in some countries already exists for years, like China, in other places it sounds like science fiction, but payments between people could finally come from Apple, and would also be a perfect complement to Apple Pay. An Apple credit card? It is possible, and could happen before the end of the year.

Can you imagine organizing a party with friends and being able to pay your share directly through iMessage or WhatsApp? Or top-up your son's credit card that is from Erasmus outside the country directly from your mobile? Right now the payments between individuals are not very widespread, and although there are some platforms that have tried to gain a foothold, the reality is that they have barely achieved a few users. TOpple wants this to change and could present its P2P payment platform this year, perhaps even at WWDC. How would it work? Through a rechargeable VISA debit card that would be foreign to any bank, and that we could also use with Apple Pay in any store.

This debit card as we say would be rechargeable, would not be associated with any account, which would be a great advantage for example for online payments. When a person made a payment directly on the card we could enjoy that money immediately, since we should not wait for the transaction to have an effect on our bank account. It would also be a virtual card, there would be no physical card, and the way to use it in regular stores would be through Apple Pay. Thinking about changing banks to use Apple's payment system? It would no longer be necessary, you would only need to add the Apple card to your Wallet.

It is impossible that Apple is not seriously considering this option, and that is why these rumors have the whole look of coming to fruition. We have already spoken to you on many occasions about the impediments that banks would be putting to the expansion of Apple Pay, and create this payment system and this virtual card could be the perfect solution so that once and for all anyone can use Apple Pay, without having to wait any longer for your bank to decide to enter the Apple platform. The "iCard" could be very close.

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