Apple navideo ad Share your Gifts Share your gifts

A few hours ago Apple officially launched its announcement about Christmas Share your Gifts, which translated can be "Share your talent" and in which obviously as Apple has accustomed us, all the details count. In this case we have an animated short of about three minutes that starts with a MacBook full of stickers on its back and the music of the young composer Billie Eilish, who is also the protagonist this time “real” of another ad in which Shows how you create your music from an iMac and your iPhone.

But the main one of the ads released by the Cupertino boys is this animated short that could well be a work of Pixar, in which the protagonist keeps her creations secretly inside a box at home until in the end the box is so full that in an oversight your dog releases them and in this way it is shared with other people. The best thing is that we see directly this great short:

But in addition to this short film they reach the Apple YouTube channel a couple of more related ads as we said at the beginning with the protagonist of this short film, Billie Eilish, only 16 years old. In this Apple still wants to inspire the creators and shows the same soundtrack created by Eilish:

The last of the ads launched by Apple is the "how was it done" This short and the truth is that it surprises the work that takes to realize this type of animations. Obviously all this from the iMac, MacBook Pro and other Apple equipment:

Without a doubt we can repeat that typical phrase that says that Christmas does not arrive until Apple does not release its short. In this case, as in most Apple videos, we can say that we are in front of a really masterful job made by a very powerful team in terms of animation.

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