Apple puts on the space suit and steals two Google executives

Apple continues to generate rumors about what it could be preparing for the medium and long term. If we have already spoken on many occasions about autonomous vehicles, a sector in which the company has been interested for a long time, although at this point we do not know exactly what their plans are, Now the news is that Apple would be interested in conquering space. For this he would have “stolen” two top executives from Google responsible for company projects related to aerospace engineering. What are Apple's plans?

It is clear that Apple will not be interested in a rocket to reach Mars, or anything like that. Although right now the only thing that can be done is to speculate, because the information that has happened to Mark Gurman and that originate this news is very vague. But to this new acquisition of executives from Google we can add other rumors that have long been circulating about Apple's interest in a Boeing project to launch a network of 5000 satellites in low orbit to bring high speed internet to everyone. It's nothing more and nothing less than the same thing that Elon Musk has just requested from the FCC, although in this case we talk about almost 12,000 satellites.

Apple offers services and products that, increasingly, depend on an internet connection, and that also make it necessary, more and more, that this connection be mobile and we can take it anywhere, not only in the living room. It would be nothing crazy that I was interested in becoming an internet provider, a business that could give many billions of dollars in revenue in the medium term. Let's not forget that Apple's "Services" section is becoming increasingly important in the company's financial accounts, and its intention is to continue growing.

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