Apple registers "Iris Image Engine" and "AirPods"

With a few hours to go before the Cupertino-based company finally presents the iPhone 7, the company's new terminal, and confirms or denies each and every one of the rumors that have surrounded the launch of this device, Apple continues to work in new devices in addition to new functions that will arrive in future iPhone models. Trademark attorney Brian Conroy has published new evidence of the Last names the company has registered for its next products. Among all the names we find in the list, in addition to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus boyfriends, the names Iris Engine and AirPods are especially striking.

AirPods officially confirms the rumors that we have published previous months and in which we talked about the possibility that Apple is working on wireless wireless headphones, similar to those that Samsung presented at the beginning of August along with the Galaxy Note 7 and those of the Bragi firm, a very good-looking wireless headset and which we already talked about yesterday.

Iris Image Engine also confirms that Apple is working on an iPhone unlocking system through the use of the iris, as already has the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a mechanism that offers extra security to the fingerprint. But they have not been the only names related to Apple that this lawyer has discovered. In the same document we can find “Apple Smart Button” and “Apple Touch Bar” that could indicate a future home button integrated into an OLED screen in addition to a touch panel with customizable functions that would come from the hand of the new MacBook Pro.

Now we just have to wait to see which of these new patents reach the market and when they do, because in many occasions that Apple registers a patent or a name does not mean that they will finally reach the market, but in this way it protects itself from other companies that may be interested in launching this technology without going through the box.

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