Apple releases iTunes version 12.7.3 with support for HomePod

With almost a month late on the planned date, Apple has finally announced the launch date of HomePod, being on January 26 when reservations are opened but until February 9 the first users will not be able to enjoy the first Apple speaker, a speaker that does not reach the market to become an alternative to the Amazon Echo or Google Home.

In addition, Apple has released the final versions of the betas that had been in circulation for more than a month. Also, taking advantage of the announcement of the launch date of HomePod, Apple has launched iTunes 12.7.3, an update must be installed on our device if we want to have, if or if, support for the Apple speaker.

This new version offers us only and as the main novelty HomePod support, a support that at the moment we do not know how it will work, since today nobody has been able to have physical access to the device to verify what kind of interaction the HomePod will have with iTunes. It should be remembered that with the launch of macOS High Sierra, Apple removed iTunes from access to the Apple application store, forcing the user to have to resort to the iPhone or iPad to search, buy and download applications.

Fortunately, Apple is aware that this limitation is counterproductive in companies and schools that use their own applications that are not available in the App Store, and offers for this type of companies, the iTunes version, a version that allows us to continue accessing the application store, where we can buy, search and download applications on our computer, and then copy them to our iPhone or iPad. This version is available directly on the Apple website through the following link. Unfortunately, this version has not been updated offering support for the HomePod, so we intend to buy this speaker, we will have to choose between one version or another.

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