Apple sell the Lightning to minijack headphone adapter for 9

Yesterday we told you in rigorous direct all the news of the new devices of the Apple guys: the new iPhone 7, the new Apple Watch Series 2, and the new AirPods. New devices with new features that will undoubtedly be the musthave from 2016-2017. A new iPhone 7 that is the flagship of the apple guys … And yes, the rumor is confirmed, the new iPhone 7 loses the port (or connector) of minijack (3.5mm) to give way to the digital sound of Lightning. But don't worry, Apple doesn't want us to stay without being able to connect our old headphones …

We already told you that the new iPhone 7 would bring this new Lightning to minijack adapter as standard so that nobody could stop using their old headphones, and surprisingly Apple has just released the same Lightning to minijack adapter (or 3.5mm) for only € 9, one of the cheapest prices (if not the cheapest) of the entire App Store …

A adapter that you can use on any model of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that carry the latest version of iOS, iOS 10. An adapter that will obviously only allow us to connect headphones with 3.5mm input (minijack) on Ligthning devices, not the opposite: Lightning headphones on devices without a Lightning port.

An adapter that will come for free with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, well by Apple, in the end they are forcing us to get rid of our lifelong headphones and this can generate a big problem especially if we have professional headphones with minijack input. But as we tell you, They have also decided to sell this new adapter for a more than acceptable price of € 9Yes, it is true that you can get cheaper but they assure us the quality of the product, and I already tell you that it is quite normal for cheap adapters to generate problems in the audio. We will wait for next week to try all these news with the release of iPhone 7 in Spain.

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