Apple stops selling the Pride Edition belt, but you can still get it

Since the launch of the Apple Watch, the sale of belts It has become an important source of revenue for the Cupertino-based company, in addition to the large number of Chinese companies that have dedicated themselves to offering a large number of wristbands for the Apple Watch, most of them almost exact replicas of those launched by Apple, but of inferior quality.

One of the straps that has attracted the most attention in recent years has been the Pride Edition, a belt that shows us the colors of the rainbow and that came to light the first time last year in a limited edition that the Cupertino boys delivered to all the employees who collaborated in the gay pride parade held in San Francisco.

As usual in the wide range of straps available for the Apple Watch, the Cupertino-based firm usually launches a large number of Straps for each season and withdraw those corresponding to the previous one. One of the belts that most caught the attention of the Pride Edition, has been removed in the last renovation that Apple has made, so it is no longer possible to acquire it through Apple.

Fortunately, as I said above, it is still possible to do them with her without resorting to Amazon, the best website where we can find a large number of belts of any kind for the Apple Watch, but unlike Apple, no part of the income earned by these manufacturers goes to LGBT groups.

The Nylon Pride Edition belt was priced at 59 euros in the Apple Store, but practically since its launch, we have been able to save a few euros if we turned to Amazon, where they are still available and we can find them from

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