Apple update its ARKit so that two iPhones interact in the same augmented reality

Augmented reality appeared a year ago, in the keynote of WWDC 2017. Apple presented its roadmap with virtual reality with lots of examples. Those present and those who could see it from home liked what we saw and over time we have seen that the ARKit is very advanced, But there is still a way to go.

Tomorrow begins WWDC 2018 and Apple could renew its development kit Introducing improvements and news. One of those novelties would be that two iPhones could interact in the same augmented reality; that is, they could see the same virtual element that would be anchored.

What's new for ARKit in the keynote of WWDC 2018?

It is a resounding yes. Without official confirmation we dare to ensure that there will be news related to the ARKit development kit. There have been no leaks throughout these weeks, but it is a good trick to comment on the news of iOS 12. Since its launch, developers have created more than 10 million apps in relation to virtual reality. It is a number worth remembering in the coming days.

The latest information suggests that Apple could allow developers to generate a virtual reality Shared between multiple devices. That is, a virtual element would be anchored in a place in space. Until now, only one iPhone could interact with him, but the novelty would be that More than one iPhone or iPad could see the same item. You could interact with him so that the modifications would be seen in both terminals.

This novelty would be a positive point for games like Pokémon GO since the Niantic trend is related to this possible new feature. Set fixed points on maps so that all users could access and interact with them. This aspect would be a great start for the ARKit 2.0, as it would give free rein to the creativity of the developers.

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