Apple wants to offer movie releases on iTunes

The sales of digital content do not go through their best moment. The streaming of content on demand with services such as Netflix already available worldwide, and others such as HBO expanding slowly, is making classic stores such as iTunes see that their revenues decrease compared to other times. And we cannot forget about piracy, very present in markets such as Spanish. But Apple wants to return to the splendor of other times, at least in its movie store, because want to offer movies on iTunes under rent while they are in theaters. And it seems that negotiations are on track, although the price is not going to be low.

Negotiations are taking place with large companies such as 21st Century Fox, Warner Bros or Universal Pictures, and it seems that interest not only comes from Apple, but studies are also very positively assessing this possibility, which would allow us to see a premiere. of cinema in the living room of house only two weeks after they are released in cinema. Right now, the premieres that come to iTunes before have to wait about 90 days since its premiere in theaters, but the studios want to get new revenue from other sources, and not just from movie theaters. The price of these premieres? Nothing cheap, about € 25-50 per movie on a rental basis. But if we consider what a movie ticket costs and that a movie could be seen by an entire family, the accounts don't go wrong, although obviously the experience would never be the same as the cinema.

One of the big concerns would be hacking, since being able to enjoy FullHD movies on the screen of your computer or TV means that soon these movies would be available in this same quality on any download or streaming website. Apple's encryption system is very good, but recording a computer screen is not complicated, and capturing the audio either. We do not know how long the negotiations could be prolonged, or if in the end an agreement between the parties would be reached, but it would be a great move by Apple to attract more users to its platform and Apple TV.

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