Apple's Artificial Intelligence team starts developing projects

Earlier this month, we knew that Apple had assembled a team specialized in Artificial Intelligence and that they would help the company improve in all aspects. However, so far we have not known anything else about it, the company is a little stopped about it, especially considering the possibilities that artificial intelligence can give its virtual assistant, Siri. But nevertheless, The first studies of this team specialized in Artificial Intelligence begin to give results with the first work on image recognition.

Apple has made public the result of its first investigation involving Ashish Shrivastava, Tomas Pfister, Oncel Tuzel, Josh Susskind, Wenda Wang, and Russ Web. The team technically details how the images created by computer as in video games, can be used by artificial intelligence systems to learn more about real world images. Although it seems little, any progress in regard to image recognition technology and artificial intelligence can be a very important technological advance in order to make people's lives easier and more efficient. Apparently the product of the investigation was sent to Apple on November 22, although it has not been made public until December 22.

We have developed an S + U Learning system that uses a network similar to Generative Adversarial Networks, but in this case using synthetic images (created by computer) as the starting point for that learning.

It may sound completely Chinese, even terrifying, but artificial intelligence will definitely become a system that will help all human beings and prevent catastrophes in all areas. Because, we should not look suspiciously at this type of technology, provided it is in good hands.

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