Are we going to start having a new iPhone design every 3 years?

According to everything we "know," the iPhone 7 will inherit the design that Apple presented in 2014 from the hand of the iPhone 6. This would be the first time since the iPhone 3G in which Apple would extend the period of two years it uses in the designs of its smartphone, being the second of the devices an “S” model that usually comes with many internal improvements, such as the 3D Touch of the iPhone 6s, the Touch ID of the iPhone 5s or Siri and the 8Mpx camera of the iPhone 4S.

According to Japanese media Nikkei, Apple will start using a new design every 3 years, and two of the reasons would be that it remains “little room for significant improvements in smartphone functions”And that the market is slowing down. In this way, the important design changes would come every 3 years, something that personally seems unlikely to me just because the market is slowing and a groundbreaking design could invite us to buy a new device.

Apple could launch new iPhone design every 3 years

If there are no surprises, the iPhone 7 will have the same design as the iPhone 6 / 6s with slight changes, such as the absence of the headphone port, a larger opening for the camera and the bands for the antennas moved to the edges, but the Most analysts give a reason for this: the 2017 iPhone will be the one that will include major design changes, as well as OLED screen and some other function, for being the “iPhone 10th anniversary”, but nobody had valued until today that what It will happen this year it will become a trend.

On the other hand, Nikkei also ensures that the iPhone 7 will arrive without a 3.5mm headphone port and that the 5.5-inch model will offer enhanced image projection. ”through correction functions". In addition, the Japanese media also ensures that the 2017 iPhone will be able to create more complex tactic vibrations thanks to a new smaller engine, but much more powerful than the current one.

The only thing I can say about the use of the same design for three models is that two years already seemed a lot unless we wanted to take advantage of some accessories for a longer time, so I hope that Nikkei is not right this time.

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