Belkin announces a 3.5mm jack lightning cable for the iPhone

The manufacturer Belkin puts at our disposal a large number of functional accessories for our iPhone and iPad (in addition to other brands), whether in the form of wireless charging stations, charger cables, covers … To the wide range of products offered in the market, since yesterday a new product is added, a cable that It allows us to connect our iPhone 7, from now on, to a headphone jack.

This cable, which is initially designed so that we can enjoy our favorite music through the auxiliary input of our vehicle (as long as we do not have CarPlay in our vehicle) without using any other adapter. But it is not the only use, since it also allows us to connect it to speakers that have this connection to play the contents of the iPhone.

In this way, we can connect our iPhone to the stereo we have in our house. Like all the cables that Belkin puts at our disposal and that are compatible with the iPhone's lightning connection, they are all part of the MFI (Made for iPhone) certified program, a program that was recently updated to Include the specifications that these types of cables should have.

Belkin offers 2 models of this cable. The first has a length of 1 meter and is priced at $ 29.99, while the second model is 2 meters long and costs $ 34.99s in the United States, to which subsequently the corresponding taxes of each state must be added.

This new Belkin cable will be available soon in Apple Stores, Best Buy and Target stores and a little later it will also be available worldwide. Belkin also puts at our disposal a cable with which we can charge our iPhone while using wired headphones, a solution that the company launched shortly after the iPhone 7 hit the market, to offer a solution to the absence of the headphone jack of the iPhone range.

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