Belkin presents its novelties for 2018

Belkin was one of the first brands to appear when Apple announced the compatibility of its new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X with wireless charging. Its charging base is, together with that of Mophie, the only one officially certified by Apple that can be purchased at the Apple Store. Since that time the wireless charging bases, existing for years in the market, have gained great popularity.

That is why during this CES 2018, although it did not start until Monday, we already know that we can see the new products in this category that Belkin has prepared for us this year, and include a good number of accessories related entirely to wireless charging and that solve some of the problems that many see this system to recharge our iPhone.

The first of all is a base that will serve to recharge two devices simultaneously, with two loading discs with a power of up to 10W each and that It will be the perfect solution for many homes where there are two iPhone to recharge daily. It is very similar to Apple's AirPower base that is not yet for sale and will also be much more expensive almost certainly.

The other bases presented are happily simple, unobtrusive, with stridencies, a luxury in this type of device, and they will be available in various colors, including pink, white, black and blue. With a power of 10W they can perfectly recharge the iPhone quickly, and of course, like the rest of the accessories in this article, they will be compatible with any smartphone that accepts the Qi standard, the most widespread.

A big problem with conventional horizontal bases is that you can't see well when a notification arrives, something that is further accentuated by the fact that the Face ID does not work well with the iPhone in that position. The solution? A wireless charging base that allows the iPhone to be placed vertically, even to watch movies without fear of running out of battery.

And what about the car? There is no abundance of car holders with wireless charging, despite being an ideal solution to leave our iPhone while driving. The last accessory that we want to highlight from those announced by Belkin is precisely a classic suction cup holder for a car with wireless charging.

All these accessories can be seen during CES 2018, but they will not arrive until the middle of the year, without even knowing the exact date. Nor do we know its price, but we are sure they will be available in the Apple Store and in major stores around the world.

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