BitTorrent Live, we will soon have streaming TV on P2P

Every time I watch TV for a while (without doing anything else) I think that open TV is very bad, not the following. I know that there will be people who disagree with me but, for example, broadcasting a weekly soccer game in which two teams from the lower part of the table or movies from 15 years ago face is not exactly the best possible content . But soon there will come a new streaming television option that will be called BitTorrent Live, It will work using the P2P and could change the rules of the game.

BitTorrent Live will be a streaming video platform that will broadcast news, sports, music, technology and youth culture. The channels will broadcast live and, at least initially, they will only be available for Apple TV, iOS, Mac and Android, so it will set aside Windows, the Microsoft operating system that moves most computers in the world.

BitTorrent Live will offer streaming TV channels

Moved by our proprietary and patented peer-to-peer live streaming protocol, BitTorrent Live allows large audiences to watch live video with less than 10 seconds of latency and without the need for an expensive CDN or pre-viewed.

Logically, and although they have tried to uncheck it, as soon as we read the word BitTorrent we think of the file sharing and piracy and we have doubts about the content that will be available. Initially, the BitTorrent team says they will put channels such as Fightbox, Newsmax, NUsucTV, One World Sport, OpenNews TV or TWiT available to us but, knowing their trajectory and even if I can be wrong, I would not be surprised if their platform would be used soon to "share" payment channels.

BitTorrent Live will be available for Apple TV this week, but we will still have to wait next month to be able to use it on iOS and OS X. If you want, you can subscribe on their website to receive a notification at the exact moment of its launch.

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