Black Friday arrives at LIFX with significant discounts

Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy home automation accessories, and brands know it and that's why they take the rest with their offers. LIFX is one of the best lighting brands compatible with HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, and offers us products of great quality and variety. From simple smart bulbs to strips that change color with the rhythm of music, there are products for every taste.

On the occasion of Black Friday it offers us a significant reduction in the price of all its products, and We can buy a bulbs compatible with HomeKit and Amazon Alexa for only € 19.99, without the need for any additional bridge, ready to install and operate. We show you all the offers below.

The bulbs LIFX Mini are one of the best alternatives if what we want are quality products at a good price. The White model only offers white light, without being able to vary the color but the hue of white, opting for cooler or warmer tones depending on our preferences or the room. In addition we can also control the intensity, and all for € 19.99. With the "Day and Dusk" model we can also vary the hue of the bulb depending on the time of day, as if it were natural light, and has a price of € 24.99. And finally the “Color” model that includes all the above options plus the possibility of choosing between 16 million colors, for € 39.99.

If we want more special products we have the A60 and BR30 LIFX + bulbs, with a brightness of 1100 lumens and only 11W of consumption, 16 million colors and adjustable brightness, will improve the lighting for your surveillance cameras thanks to its infrared light, and are priced at € 54.99. The BR30 model is suitable for outdoor use. And the LED strip that allows to illuminate different areas in different colors has a price of € 79.99.

The normal A60 bulb has the same specifications as the LIFX + model that we mentioned before but without the night lighting, and its price drops to € 44.90. If we look for bulbs to recess in the ceiling, the GU10 or 100MM They are just what we need with prices of € 88.98 (pack of two units) and € 64.99 in the case of the 100mm size.

We can also buy extensions of the LED strip to give it the full length we want, at € 26.99 per meter. Y if we want lighting and decoration, the LED Beam kit for € 169.99 or the LED Tile kit for € 249.99 are really spectacular. All these products can be purchased at these prices on the official LIFX website, by clicking on this link.

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