Canada, France and Germany will have the HomePod on sale on June 18

It seems that the thing moves a little more in terms of the marketing of HomePod. Apple plans to start selling its speaker in Canada, France and Germany on June 18. This news that comes to us from BuzzFeed, could be officially confirmed on June 5, one day after the start of this year's WWDC that will start next Monday.

Curious the launch since this will imply that the languages ​​begin to flow in the HomePod, since Siri will have to speak in German and French on the speaker, if the news is true. On the other hand, we hope that they do not take too long to implement more languages ​​and, above all, to start marketing this product in more countries as soon as possible.

The expansion is still slower than expected

Assuming this is true and that Apple finally launches HomePod in Canada, France and Germany on June 18, the expansion of this speaker is slower than many would like. It doesn't really seem to be a problem to add languages ​​to Siri either, since the iPhone already has the majority, but the problem I think lies in AirPlay 2 implementation And they are receiving many complaints about it.

Could it be that Apple hopes to have this AirPlay 2 theme tied to make a massive product launch in all countries? Well, it doesn't seem to be the main reason, but one of many. Now it's time to keep an eye on the news of this new release and wait for Apple to decide to launch the speaker in more countries, among which Spain is evidently. This type of launches has a similarity with those old iPhone releases, in which we had to wait for our batch, only that in this case it will be time to wait much longer.

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