CarPlay is now available in more than 400 models in the United States

Since CarPlay saw the light in 2014, little by little it has become an option to be taken into account by manufacturers when it comes to including them in their vehicles. Traditionally, the multimedia system of most manufacturers, they have always left much to be desiredIn addition to sometimes being the worst part of the car.

CarPlay, like Android Auto, have reached the market to become the best option for manage the multimedia capabilities of the vehicle. Thanks to CarPlay and Android Auto, we can manage practically all the content of our device from our vehicle, without having to interact with it on most occasions, which also offers a security bonus.

As we can see on the Apple website, where it informs us about CarPlay's compatibility with vehicle manufacturers, this technology It is available today in more than 400 vehicle models, only in the United States. If we count the number of models sold outside the United States, the number increases considerably.

Most manufacturers offer two options to users when buying a vehicle: CarPlay or Android Auto. However, there are some manufacturers such as Toyota, which will only directly offer CarPlay (they still do not offer it) from next year. This is due to the large amount of data that Android Auto records about the use made by the user of your vehicle, data that although it is true are sent anonymously, they pose a privacy problem.

The next manufacturer that has approved CarPlay integration is the manufacturer Subaru, who throughout this year, as well as next year, will launch several renewed models, both inside and out, offering standard CarPlay throughout the range.

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