creates R&D center in China

According to information published in DigiTimes, Apple is working “aggressively” to expand its presence in Southeast Asia. Everything according to the Chinese medium, Tim Cook and company have been working to join forces with Foxconn's, which will further strengthen the relationship between the American company and the Taiwanese. To be more specific, Apple is expected to create two new R&D centers in 2017, one in Indonesia and the other in Shenzhen, China.

Foxconn, who as usual has refused to comment on the news, has a certain presence in Indonesia, since he works with distributors Luna and Huawei there. Explained this, everything seems to indicate that the Apple movement has only one objective that is none other than work shoulder to shoulder with the company which, so to speak, is the “iPhone factory”, something that, without a doubt, will not be very funny to President-elect of the United States Donald Trump, who prefers those of Cupertino to manufacture their devices in their own country.

Apple and Foxconn strengthen their relationships

This is not the first time we talked about Apple's plans to have presence in Indonesia. In fact, this month we already talked about having planned to make an investment of 44 million dollars in the country, which would allow them to sell all their iPhone there. Apparently, this investment also has a second objective, which is that Apple's team of engineers work more closely and collaboratively with the partners that manufacture their devices.

On the other hand, a strong relationship with Foxconn would also mean that Apple would have the ability to expand worldwide at a faster rate. In fact, it is rumored that Foxconn is planning to expand to the United States by making an investment of 7,000 million dollars and creating 50,000 jobs. What remains to be seen is what Donald Trump thinks of all this.

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