Creative announces its smart speaker and other news at CES 2018

Creative has presented its novelties at this CES 2018, and its bet includes, how could it be otherwise, smart speakers. Several speaker models that change lights and sound, plus WiFi and bluetooth connectivity and headphones that promise excellent sound quality They are some of the most outstanding products of the brand in this CES.

Creative Nova, a speaker that combines lights and sound, and that is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, other renewed speakers, Creative Muvo Genie and Halo Genie, also compatible with Amazon's virtual assistant as long as your smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, and intra-aural headphones with excellent sound quality: Creative Aurvana Trio.

Creative nova

Creative Nova wants to combine Light and sound to monopolize all our senses and create the perfect environment to enjoy the best music. Creative Nova is the first device that integrates all the good of light and sound of spas in a powerful bi-amplified speaker with 5-driver, and with high performance WiFi / Bluetooth®. It is a portable speaker system thanks to its integrated battery, and Multi-room, which will allow us to listen to our music wherever we go in our house, no matter where our iPhone is thanks to WiFi connectivity. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa without the need for our iPhone to be connected thanks to its direct internet connection.

Creative Had Genie and Halo Genie

These two speaker models are updates of existing models and that we have analyzed in the blog. The small Muvo Genie has a very compact size and water resistance, ideal to take anywhere, you can even connect several speakers to improve the power and sound quality. Halo Genie combines Good sound quality with its LED lights that help to set your party. Its integrated battery also allows you to enjoy music wherever you want. Both speakers are compatible with Amazon Alexa if you have your smartphone connected via Bluetooth.

Creative Aurvana

Aurvana Trio headphones They have three drivers, a tweeter for treble and a speaker for midtones, which will reproduce the vocals and high frequencies with total clarity. In addition, it also has a 10mm bio-cellulose membrane that will offer powerful and very precise bass. The Aurvana Trio promise clarity across the entire spectrum, regardless of the treble, vocal or bass, resulting in a precise and full of detail sound.

We still do not know the details about when they will be on sale and their price, but we will keep you informed of these interesting devices.

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